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Daniel Sinnig
I am a post-doctoral researcher, affiliated with two universities:

University of Rostock, Germany: In 2009, I was awarded an NSERC post-doctoral fellowship, which allows me to freely conduct research at the Institute for Computer Science. I devote most of my time to finding unifying theories that can bridge the gap between Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction.

Concordia University, Canada: After obtaining my PhD (Concordia University, 2009), I was employed as a Research Associate at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. There, I investigate requirements elicitation methods suitable for the ICT-4D domain. Through a previous project, I was involved in foundational research for next-generation parallelizing compilers.

I am frequently given the opportunity to serve as professor. This Winter semester, I teach two courses:one at Concordia University and the one at the University of Applied Science Fulda, Germany:

- Embedded Systems and Software Design (Concordia Universiy, COEN 421)

- Requirements Engineering for Interactive Systems (University of Applied Science Fulda, eLearning course)

Starting in May 2011, I will teach the following course at the University of Applied Science Fulda, Germany:

- Web Programming (University of Applied Science, Fulda, offered in German)


I am a member and an officer of the IFIP 13.2 Workgroup on "Methodologies for User-Centered Systems Design."



Last update: May 04, 2011