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Brief Biography

In 2004, I was awarded a Master's in Software Engineering (University of Rostock) as well as a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction (Concordia University). In 2009, I earned a PhD degree, also from Concordia University.

Throughout my doctoral and post- doctoral studies, I have held various awards and scholarships, including the J.W. McConnell Memorial Graduate Fellowship and the prestigious NSERC PGS and PDF awards. Recently, I received the Concordia University Doctoral Prize in Engineering and Computer Science for the most deserving graduate student of the 2009 academic year.

I have been invited to give presentations at renowned international research institutes, such as the City University of Hong Kong and University College London. I am also actively involved in the organization of workshops and meetings. In 2007, I helped organize the 2nd international workshop on "Formal Methods for Interactive Systems", held in Lancaster, UK.

Over the years, I have been appointed to serve on the program committee of several international workshops and conferences (DSV-IS 2007, FMIS 2007/2009, IMC 2009, SAICSIT 2007/2008/2009/2010, HCSE 2008/2010, EICS 2010). I have also acted as an external reviewer for the "Formal Aspects of Computing" journal. Recently, I have also become an associate editor for the "International Journal of People-Oriented Programming".

Outside my university work, I occasionally work as a freelance consultant. Most of my contacts are with the SIV.AG in Germany. I also consulted for GBI Inc. During the early years of my studies, I gained valuable experience as a programmer at IBM in California.



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